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HR Management Emergency Management Emergency Response

Crisis Leadership training is an interactive workshop with Crisis Leadership Team simulations. It gives participants an understanding of the strategies and actions needed to prevent and manage corporate crises. It is aimed at directors and managers, who must lead, coordinate or support their company’s response to a business continuity, reputation or liability crisis in any sector. On completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

Training diagram - team sessions versus time outs

The workshop and simulation cover:

Crisis Avoidance trains directors and senior managers who are responsible for championing their company’s Crisis Leadership capability. It:

Crisis Communications trains senior managers as spokespersons to conduct media conferences, radio and television interviews. It is all about messaging in a crisis.

Call Centres trains managers and teams of staff who are in the front line answering calls from a Company’s stakeholders during a crisis.

Training diagram - internal and external stakeholders

Crisis Exercises are customized to each company or business sector, and are best conducted on company premises although simulations can be conducted anywhere.

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Media Management trains individuals and Media Support Teams to take control by managing the media covering the event.

HR Management trains individuals and Human Resource Support Teams to appropriately respond to relatives and friends, and to manage employees, contractors and Emergency Response personnel involved in the crisis. It includes ways to manage stress during and after a crisis.

Emergency Management trains managers and staff who are responsible for the strategic management of emergencies or tactical control of the actual event. It:

Emergency Response training provides the basic tools for coordinating immediate support, liaison with emergency services and contractors, casualty and evacuee reception, and dealing with immediate threats to life, environment and property.

The course consists of classroom training sessions interspersed with simulations to practice teams working together, and to test communications and procedures. The follow subjects are addressed:

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