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Emergency Management

Business Continuity diagram - Emergency Management

Emergency Management is event driven.

We enable the implementation of emergency plans in operations rooms and the delivery of effective leadership under pressure.

Knowledge Skill Attitudes
Understand operational issues, including supporting issues, business units and consortiums/joint ventures. Apply Risk Management processes. Be a lateral thinker.
Understand corporate HR, SHE and contractor issues. Apply and/or design contingency plans and procedures. Handle stress in a head office and multi-cultural environment.
Articulate differences between line management, leadership and control/coordination systems. Design and implement response plans. Provide leadership and be able to drive a disparate group with different perspectives.
Plan and conduct training and exercises. Demonstrate a supporting focus.
Communicate with media. Take a holistic view to emergency management
Manage operational information.
Conduct operational decision-making.
Participate in an 'Operations Room'.
Manage support requirements including logistics.
Identify strategic issues.
Provide (technical) support and advice.

Google Emergency Resources Charts - AUD $200

Convert your emergency plans into Google Emergency Resources Charts

Download the flyer


View Demo Emergency Resources Map in a larger map

EMT Activation Wallet Card

Download an example wallet card and customize it to activate Emergency Response, On Scene Commander, and Emergency Management Team.


SmartLog allows Log Keepers, Team Members and Team Leaders to achieve team and time discipline when working under pressure. To maintain a high tempo office rhythm in emergency situations, obtain SmartLog from our eCrisis Practitioner, Ian Young, at

Screenshot of SmartLog in action

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