24 February 2015 — missionmode.com – North America e-Crisis Leadership Webinar

Presenter: Jim Truscott, Author, The Art of Crisis Leadership: Incident Management in the Digital Age and CEO Truscott Crisis Leaders. While many of the fundamentals of successful crisis leadership remain intact, the way teams collaborate in today’s digital world to identify potential risks, notify key stakeholders, activate business continuity teams and plans, communicate, and resolve crises has changed dramatically in the last few years. This webinar provides Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery managers practical guidance to speed the migration from a traditional Crisis Management framework to a faster, more effective e-Crisis Leadership framework. Attendees will gain insight on required tools for e-Crisis Leadership; understanding of the e-incident management workflow; benefits of virtual business continuity management; processes for virtual business continuity team effectiveness; importance of creating centralized event dashboards and task logs; tips for managing and engaging stakeholders across multiple devices; and what skills differentiate successful e-Crisis Leaders and teams.

23-26 February 2015 — Dubai — Global HSE Conference & Exhibition

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19 February 2015 — missionmode.com — Asia Pacific e-Crisis Leadership Webinar

16-17 June 2014 — Kuala Lumpur — IBN International Crisis, Emergency & Business Continuity Management workshop

Interactive workshops and communications practicals giving participants an understanding of the actions needed to manage corporate crises and business interruptions. Aimed at middle and senior managers who must lead, coordinate or support their company’s response to a business continuity, reputation or liability crisis in any sectors. Interactive workshops for Call Centres and HR Support Teams concluding with a simulation. Current best practices in business continuity planning.

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29 October 2013 — Oman — National Crisis Management Symposium

Crisis & Disaster Governance for Government & Business

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5-6 June 2013 — Sydney — Business Continuity Institute Annual Seminar

Business under Attack (BUA) — Secrets Revealed!

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15-16 October 2012 — Johannesburg — Business Resilience and Risk Assessment in Mining

Best in Class Practices Workshop: Determine how much effort should be put into resilience in their own businesses

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18-19 July 2012 — Duxton Hotel — Perth — Emergency Management & Response in Mining

Increase response and recovery capability by testing plans and procedures to maintain knowledge, skills and attitude

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7-8 June 2012 — Bangkok — The Art of Business Crisis Leadership

Crisis Leadership = Crisis Management + Emergency Management + Business Continuity

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16-17 November 2011– Karachi & 18-19 November 2011 – Lahore – Crisis Leadership

Crisis Leadership=Crisis & Emergency Management + Business Continuity Management
Risk Management
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5-7 October 2011 – Bangkok – Crisis, Emergency & Business Continuity Management workshop

Download flyer What do you do when too much business continuity is not nearly enough? Download Crisis Planning - Secrets Revealed!

27-28 June 2011 – Kuala Lumpur – IBN International Crisis, Emergency & Business Continuity Management workshop

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8-9 June 2011 – Sydney Business Continuity Summit – What Do You Do When Too Much Business Continuity Is Not Nearly Enough?

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