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The Art of Crisis Leadership: Incident Management in the Digital Age

Crisis Leadership and Crisis Management

The art of business Crisis Leadership is to be able not only to contain and eliminate crises as they occur, but also to transport the company through to any possible commercial and reputation advantage line exposed by the situation.

The best companies recognize that planning to transform from crises is key to corporate survival and commercial superiority.

Having the competence to return situations to normal is just not enough, in multi-competitor times. Such competency is just Business Continuity or Emergency Management thinking in isolation.

Corporate Governance is the strategic response to risk and Crisis Leadership is your strategic reserve.

What began as Emergency Management and evolved through Disaster Recovery into Business Continuity and Crisis Management has now become Crisis Leadership and Disaster Avoidance.

Our Points of Difference: Prepare, Plan, Practise

As Crisis Practitioners and Business Continuity Planners we enable capability to implement strategies in the boardroom and deliver effective executive leadership under pressure.

We are a leadership enabling business. CEM-BCM is our commodity and our product is people with Crisis Leadership. We provide knowledge products. We identify, share and apply best practices. We are writers and thought leaders.

Our brand promise: When you hear something, you will forget it. When you see something, you will remember it. But not until you do something, will you understand it.

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We enable companies to prepare, plan and practise their Crisis Leadership. We assist executives to treat crises as dangerous opportunities rather than as threats through improving corporate plans, facilitating interactive Crisis Management Team workshops, and conducting double-jeopardy exercises.

Crisis LeadershipOur Crisis Practitioners are strategic specialists with a tactical reach, and their operations experience coupled with commercial acumen gives them leverage in crisis work.

We assist governments, multi-nationals, small to medium enterprises, corporations, super-majors and conglomerates throughout Asia, Australia and the Pacific.

We have particular experience in the resources, energy, and finance sectors.

Jim Truscott spent 25 years in high-risk international engagements planning and controlling politically sensitive government operations for the successful resolution of international crises. Now our team of Crisis Practitioners who have been selected for their similar professional response agency background and commercial acumen consult on Crisis Leadership, Crisis Management, and Business Continuity.

Crisis Leadership Business Continuity
Global and regional planning for Crisis Champions and Threat assessment and risk profiling
Continuity Planners Business Impact Analysis
Training Crisis Leaders, Emergency and Continuity Managers Strategies and plans
Managing time-sensitive strategic issues in situation rooms and emergency tasks in operations rooms Emergency, Safety & Security Management
Bypassing jammed communications and optimizing internal communications Plans for saving life, protecting information and property and minimizing environmental damage
Information flows and Virtual Crisis Leadership Environments (VCLE) Safety and Security Management Systems
Linking regional and global boardrooms
Nurturing executive leadership and teamwork through simulations

Crisis Practitioners, Continuity Planners and ER Professionals operate from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and UAE. Truscott also teams with like-minded companies in Brazil, India, UAE, UK, USA, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa and Vietnam.

We team with a number of Crisis Management, Risk Management, and Business Continuity companies.